Government: Monarchy
Ruler: King Augustus Sherdak IX
Population: Roughly 1,750,000
Population Breakdown: Humans (65%) Halflings (20%) Elves (10%) Other (5%)
Languages: Common, Piedmoni , Halfling, Elvish
Religions TBA
Major Cities: Jewelford Crystalview Mardallin Honeyvale

Piedmont is a large nation built around various forms of crafting, trading and shipping. The capital city is Jewelford; a bustling port city that serves as the gleaming crown jewel of the kingdom. Piedmont’s population consists mostly of humans; but the nation has a sizable Halfling community as well. The elves of Leir’Mariel keep a few settlements in the kingdom; but these are a token gesture of “friendship” by the enigmatic elvish nation at best.

Piedmont is largely made up of rolling plains, the location of the kingdom’s many farms. The southern regions are more hilly; eventually rising to a chain of small mountains that rings the southern edge. This region is also heavily forested; bearing many rare and valuable woods. Perhaps the oddest and most well known natural feature of Piedmont is the long, deep valley known as Spire Canyon that some say was once the site of an epic battle against a demonic army.

The road system of Piedmont is possibly of the most advanced on Kaslar; with virtually every city and village linked via safe, well-maintained roadways. This is largely due to the influence of the Mercantile Guild due to their many caravans and trade routs throughout the kingdom.

The government of Piedmont is an absolute monarchy currently ruled by Augustus IX of the Sherdak lineage. The king is advised by a council of regional governors; but he is in no way bound by their advice. His court also includes a representative from the Mercantile Guild. the Highlord of the Knights of the Argent Flame, and the current Champion of Jewelford.


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