Gods and Religions

Gods worshiped by multiple cultures:

  • Shaedros – God of Secrets, Hidden Things and Prophecy
  • Iriador – God of Magic
  • Kennis – God of Knowledge and Travel
  • Lennea – Goddess of Alcohol and Revelry
  • Kaedranna – Goddess of Contracts, Law and Truth
  • Omarri – God of Trickery and Humor
  • The Fundamental Council – A group of deities devoted to elemental lore, usually worshiped as a group
  • Hellani – Goddess of the Sun
  • Ghendas – God of the Moon

Gods of Piedmont:

Gods of Zelandia:

  • Delvina – Goddess of Logic, Science and Scholarship
  • Krezzix – {Gnome | Gnomish]] Machine-God of Tinkering and Steamcraft
  • Tomorin – God of Books and Libraries
  • Melariss – Goddess of Necromancy, Rebirth and Transcendence
  • Shallros – God of Alchemy
  • Darratha – Goddess of Writing, Runes, Sigils and Scribes

Gods of Shan-Yu:
The God-Emperor – The patron deity of the empire of Shan-Yu. The Emperor is said to act as its avatar on Kaslar.
The Celestial Bureaucracy – The various demigods and spirits that serve as the God-Emperor’s court.
The Great Spirit Dragons:

  • Quin-Shan – The Mist Dragon; who created the beguiling mists that cloak the lands of Shan-Yu from marauding outsiders.
  • Quin-Rei – The Earth Dragon; who created the lands of Shan-Yu.
  • Quin-Quan – The Life Dragon; who graced Quin-Rei’s creation with movement and life.
  • Quin-Quin – The God Dragon; who acts as the adviser and mount of the God-Emperor.
  • Quin-Duum – The Fire Dragon, who brings light and warmth to Shan-Yu.
  • Quin-Zhu – The Water Dragon; who protects the sailors, fishermen and traders of Shan-Yu while at sea.
  • Quin-Chir – The Shadow Dragon; who keeps the souls of Shan-Yu’s dead

Gods of Kamrick: Kamrick has no “gods” in the traditional sense, but they worship a wide variety of Primal Spirits and related entities.

Gods of Krelim / the Dwarves:

  • The Great Runemother – Dwarven Creator Goddess
  • Drelthek – Dwarven Goddess of the Forge, worshiped by armorsmiths and weaponsmiths; sister of Dralthek
  • Dralthek – Dwarven Goddess of Artisans and Enchanters; sister of Drelthek
  • Murodd – God of Mining, Precious Metal/Gems and Caverns
  • Brannoc – God of Dwarven Brewing; friend and drinking companion of Lennea

Gods of Leir’Mariel / [ the Elves:

  • Andarel – God of Strength. Battle and Courage
  • Dre’Rathar – God of the Hunt amd Forests
  • Mara’liel – Goddess of The Arts, Beauty and Sexuality
  • Dar’Shhial – Goddess of Life and the Sun
  • Yundarra – Goddess-Spirit of Nature and Wildlife
  • Lier’Mara – The Risen Queen; the first queen of the elves, risen to the status of a goddess by the grief and mourning of her people upon her death.
  • Shal’Rakad – God of Death and elven funeral rites.

Gods worshiped in The Underlands:

Evil Gods (NON-PC unless Player can come up with an exceedingly good reason):

  • Zerrasix – God of Poisons, Drugs and Corruption
  • Darathana – Lich-Goddess of “dark” necromancy, undead, and shadow magic
  • Kalthar – God of Bloodshed, Violent Warfare and Slaughter
  • Shanasi – Goddess of Lies, Forbidden Lore and Maddness
  • The Ancient Ones – A terrible “pantheon” of ancient beings of Chaos from beyond conventional reality.

Gods and Religions

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